Trees for Everyone

Leyland Cypress


 Leyland Cypress is our most popular tree grown on the farm.  Leyland's drink a ton of water, but drop very few needles when properly cared for.  Does not dry out as fast as other trees, and tends to stay fresher throughout the Christmas season.  Great for those with allergies or asthma, as this tree does not produce pollen.  

We have a great selection ranging from 4' to 10'

$8 / foot

Virginia Pine


The Virginia Pine is the only tree that is native to Georgia.  It has short needles, dense foliage, and a pleasant pine scent. Its strong branches make it an excellent choice for hanging heavy ornaments.  Watering is a must for all pine trees, as the needles will dry out and begin to drop.  All pines are shaken before bagging to remove loose needles.  

We have a great selection ranging from 5'-11'

$8 / foot

Carolina Sapphire


 Carolina Sapphire is a variety of the cypress trees. Their foliage are bluish-green in color, branches are soft to the touch, and very thick trees with the strongest "Christmasy" smell.  However, Carolina Sapphire dry out the fastest, even in water, so it is not recommended that you cut these tree more than 3-4 weeks before Christmas. 

We have a great seleciton ranging from 5'-9'

$8 / foot

White Pine


White Pines maybe short in stature, but they make a beautiful Christmas Tree.  Unlike the Virginia Pine, they take a long time to grow in Georgia.  If you are looking for a 6'-8' tree with a  wonderful pine aroma, and a soft blueish-green color, the White Pine may be for you.  Very soft needles, but will require lots of water.

We have a great selection ranging from 4' to 8' 

$8 / foot

Deodar Cedar


Deodar Cedar have a very short blueish-green needle that resembles a fir tree.  They have very strong branches, great for hanging large ornaments, but the tree foliage is very prickly.  The Cedar may be the most traditional Christmas Tree to Georgia natives.  

We have a great selection ranging from 6'-8' 

$8 / foot

Fraser Fir


Fraser Fir has strong branches, blue green foliage, and a wonderful aroma. They are the perfect Christmas Tree.  They hold up very well during the Christmas season, can hold heavy ornaments, and are just the right thickness.  The only negative, we cannot grow them in Georgia!!  We do have them shipped in from North Carolina FRESH CUT!

We have a great selection ranging from 5'-13'

*Priced Individually*

Our Christmas Barn Shop

Homemade Jams and Jellies


Great for teachers gifts or stocking stuffers, even better on your own table!  Fresh made jams and jellies from our mom's own kitchen.  Grape, Peach, Strawberry Jams and Jellies, Hot Pepper Jelly, Salsa's, Apple Butter and much more.

$6 / pint

Handmade Christmas Wreaths


Need to spruce up that curb appeal?  What better way than a Bottoms Tree Farm handmade wreath on your door and windows.  We have some already made or you can have one made to order while you pick out your tree.  Range in size 24" to 60".

Price varies on size

Christmas Crafts


In our barn you will find our Christmas store that contains crafts made by friends and family.  From Christmas decor, to yard snowmen, to cutting boards and hand turned bowls, like our jams and jellies, everything is made locally.

Priced Individually

Tree Farm Hats and Shirts


The proper attire makes a successful Christmas Tree Farmer.  We sell a full line of Bottoms Tree Farm hats and shirts in assorted colors.  

$20 / hat

$20 / shirt

Christmas Tree Stands


We have a very large selection of Christmas Tree stands for sale.   From plastic stands that hold up to 8 foot trees to rebar stands that can hold any tree, also known as "Marriage Savers," go no where else for your stands.

Price Range $9.99 - $59.99

Tree Life / Tree Bags


We also carry a large quanity of Christmas Tree care supplies.  Tree bags for easy disposal and tree life that mixes with water are two of the most popular. 

$3 / tree life or tree bag

$5 / for both